Justin Kolb, pianist

Why Music Students Excel

Motivational Clinic for Band, Youth Orchestra and Chorus

Program Description
This morale and self-esteem building session begins with a ten minute solo performance by Justin. The performance is intentionally virtuosic, leaving no doubt in the student's mind that the artist is a seasoned professional who has experienced success on stage.

The objective of this learning experience for students is to reinforce what the music faculty has been stressing all along. That is: the student's musical experience and musical education goes well beyond 'blowing a horn'. This experience is about developing life survival skills. Skills that will help the students to become better adept at problem solving, decision making, enjoying a fulfilling life beginning now and into the future.

Justin asks the students to identify skills that they have learned from their musical experience (lessons, practice, or performance) that they have found useful when they are outside the world of music. Skills described by the students typically range from attention to detail and time management, to conflict resolution and ability to accept criticism. At the end of this segment of the session, a list sometimes comprising as many as 24 skills has been articulated by the students. Kolb looks at the students and asks them to seriously contemplate the "skills inventory". Kolb then exclaims, "Look at who you are and what you can do!" He quickly points out that large corporations and even governments invest great amounts of dollars to teach their employees how to acquire these same skills.

The next segment introduces the concept of goal setting and planning. Additionally, issues such as career choices, undergraduate music school possibilities, practice routines, and obtaining performance opportunities are addressed.

Blackboard, chalk and eraser, whiteboard or flip chart with new magic markers. A tuned piano and piano bench (nothing fancy): spinets, uprights, consoles, and grands are all okay.

Length of Presentation
A normal class period may be expanded to 90 minutes. An evening parents' session is available at no extra change. An evening recital for the community is an additional fee. Residencies culminating with Justin performing as soloist with the school concert ensemble are also popular.

For information regarding Justin's past collaborations with Jack Stamp, Tim Lautzenheiser, and the late John Paynter, contact Mellon Music Management.

We appreciated so much both your artistry and your spoken presentations. Your manner with students was engaging and productive. It is vital to reinforce constantly the importance of music in young peoples' lives; you added so much to this aspect of their development."

Dr. Mark M. Ring
Moorhead High School

"Here is a teacher who really knows how to get kids to listen. We are counting the days until we look forward to Mr. Kolb's return to Oswego"

Oswego, NY
— Oswego City School District

"This pianist also gives of himself to young people--he gives talks to students from elementary to college age, and spoke in several schools while in Springfield. I heard him at Springfield High, where he engaged the kids in throught-provoking conversation to make them realize just how much music study does for them in other ways. I wish every parent of a music student could have heard it!"

—Ann Ker
Illinois Times

"We heard many positive comments from the students and believe it made them think a bit differently about the values of their musical education."

Midwestern Public School System
— Merrillville High School

"He spoke with the students not at the students. We want him back here working with our kids."

Chicago, IL
— Chicago City Schools

"They are still talking about Justin and the beautiful music he provided. He reminded us of the importance of creating."

Jefferson, NY
— Jefferson Central School


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