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Justing Kolb - Live

"A highlight is A Suffolk Memory in which Kolb plays the eight atmospheric pieces with persuasive sympathy. Through this CD, Kolb confirms Ferris as a composer of unquestionable musicianship."

Clavier Magazine

"The performances here are thoughtful, respectful, beautiful."

—Scott Morrison, Amazon.com

William Ferris:

Solo Piano Music, 1962 - 1999

Piano Sonata (1975-1976)
- Boldly, In Big Style
- Waywardly, Dreamily —

- Urgently

A Suffolk Memory: A Suite of Impressions for Piano (1986)
- The Sea, at Dusk
- The Parish Churchyard, at Night
- High Street, Noon
- Sunday Morning, from the Terrace
- Saint Edmond's -- Southwald: Concert Day
- The Maltings, Snape: Festival House Fanfares
- The Red House
- The Sea, by Moonlight

Epitaph, for an Artist (1999) —

Serenade, for a Morning Room (1984) —

Tune for Ten (1987)

- With Verve
- Hymn Like
- Spirited

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Justing Kolb - Live

"Wow, can he play! From the delicacy of Debussy to the frenzy of Liszt, the orchestral sonorities of Copland to the Chopinesque dazzle of Moszkowski, Kolb demonstrates exceptional artistry in this program."

— Daily Freeman, Kingston, New York

"Starer found that 'as to Justin's playing my Twilight Fantasies, I felt totally and completely understood. Every tempo, every musical gesture, every nuance was absolutely right.' This disc is an absolute gem!"

— Pan Pipes Magazine


Justin Kolb - Live

Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Images, Book I
- Reflections in the Water

- Homage to Rameau
- Movement

Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
- Commentary
- Gnomenreigen
- Sonetto 104 del Petrarca


Robert Starer (1924-2001)
- Commentary
- Twilight Fantasies — Premiere Recording

Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
- Commentary
- El Salon Mexico (Transcribed by Leonard Bernstein) —

Anton Dvorak (1841-1904)
- Waltz, Op. 54, No. 2, A minor

Moritz Moszkowski (1854-1925)
- Etude in F

Mellon Music Label
Photo: Robert Preston

Justing Kolb - Live

"Justin Kolb has become a champion and friend of the composer, and is the dedicatee of the Sonata No. 3, which he premiered at a Carnegie Recital Hall concert in honor of the composer's seventieth birthday. He plays all of the music with vigor, dexterity, and affection."


"The Ideal Self (1981) begins as a musing, meditative fantasy and variations on one of Starer's own songs, concluding with a rousing and difficult fugue, perhaps the highpoint in Kolb's playing.... In this recording his control is excellent, and he plays all this music with expression, taste, and clarity."

Woodstock Times

"The piano program--expertly performed by Justin Kolb, who has a long professional relationship with Starer--opens serenely, with the 1994 Sonata 3."

American Record Guide

"The piano works, played with panache by Justin Kolb, have similarly wide stylistic range, mingling tonal and atonal elements but usually melodious and always listener-friendly."

— The Washington Post


Robert Starer:
Solo Piano Music, 1946 - 1996

Sonata for Piano, No. 3 (1994)
- Gently Flowing
- Moderately Fast —

- Slow, with Declamatory Strength

From Sketches in Color, Set Two (1973)
- Khaki
- Aquamarine
- Silver and Gold

Prelude & Toccata (1946)
- Prelude
- Toccata

The Ideal Self (1981)
Fantasy, Variations and Fugue on a Song -

Twilight Fantasies (1985)

The Contemporary Virtuoso (1996)
- Crossing Over
- Repetition
- A Singing Tone
- Thirds
- Dots, Dashes, and Slurs
- Scales
- Skipping without Looking

Albany Records
Produced in memory of Herman Shapiro.
Executive Producer: Marilyn Irvin
Cover Art: Marie Vickerilla


Justing Kolb - Live

To All, To Each
Part Songs from America and Britain

Live Recording, Chicago, 1993

Cindy (5:34)
A traditional American Folksong
arranged by Mack Wilberg (born 1955)

Justin Kolb, piano
Thomas Weisflog, piano
Aldo Mazzotti, xylophone
Michael Palencia, percussion
Jerry Fuller, double bass

William Ferris Chorale
William Ferris, director

Albany Records


Justing Kolb - Live
Pianist Justin Kolb reviews a piano collection
with Robert Starer


The Colorful Music of Robert Starer

by Justin Kolb

A revealing person to person interview with the American Composer, Robert Starer, conducted in Woodstock, NY, 1999.

Clavier Magazine, July/August, 1999

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Justing Kolb - Live

Working with Living Composers

by Justin Kolb

Humorous and delightful, Kolb shares with the reader a number of anecdotes describing an insider's experiences and feelings when working with some of today's more popular composers.

Keyboard Classics and Piano Stylists, March/April, 1996

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