Justin Kolb, pianist

Know the Score

Inspiration and Motivation for Life after Music School in the 21st Century: Entrepreneurism, Community Engagement, Technology

Courtesy of the Photography Students of Margaretville Central School, NY


  • INVOLVES students in a one to two hour provocative, interactive lecture that is targeted at both undergraduate and graduate students who have professional teaching or performing as their goal.

  • PREPARES the participant to respond aggressively, yet professionally, when teaching and performing opportunities are at a minimum and when competition for these opportunities is fierce.

  • PRESENTS the many career opportunities available to the music graduate inside and outside the music world and how to pursue them.


  • Goal Setting and Its Importance
  • How to Develop a Plan: When and How to Change the Plan
  • Becoming a Musical Entrepreneur
  • Websiting Effectively
  • How the Music Industry Operates
  • Ethical Marketing and Promotion: How to Build a Press Kit and Develop Marketing Materials
  • How to Build Your Personal Performance Circuit
  • How to Expand Your Own Studio of Students
  • The Value of Strong Verbal and Writing Skills
  • Tips on Grants and How to Reach "Deep Pockets"
  • Tips on How to Defend Your Budget Requests to Your School Board and/or Granting Organizations

This "how to" program is intended for individuals who desire to perform and/or seek a career in teaching. It is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate level students, as well as faculty members.


"You are a master teacher as well as an awesome performer (as the kids say). Seldom during my many years as an educator have I witnessed anyone who has been able to pinpoint such crucial and salient points to students of music in such a short amount of time!"

Dr. David Ferreira, Chair, Department of Music
Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN

"From your formal presentation given during our Convocation hour, to the many hours you spent meeting with students for the balance of the day (not to mention the balance of the week!), you provided information students found to be both inspiring and thought provoking. Students are still talking about your visit and all that they learned."

Margaret J. Hamilton, Assistant Director, School of Music
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

"Your motivational discussions concerning real-world skills, molded from musical training, gives credibility to all musicians in their effort to secure jobs. Your presentation motivated our students in a very positive way."

Wayne Cook, Chair,
Department of Music
University of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, WI

"Everyone appreciated your relaxed manner and the ease with which you drew your audience into the discussion. Thank you for an encouraging, stimulating and upbeat presentation--it was a real boost for us."

John Owings, Department of Music
Texas Christian University
Forth Worth, TX


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