Justin Kolb, pianist

I've Got a Great Job - I'm a Musician

A Concert Pianist's Job, Instrument and Music

An Upbeat Music Program for Students K through 5

At the Piano

Program Description:
These sessions can take place in the classroom, the music room, or even on the floor of the gym. They are not appropriate for large assemblies. They are intimate, short and snappy, humorous, and memorable. Justin explains his job as a traveling concert pianist: the places he goes around the world; the music he performs (the three B's plus compositions by living American women and men); with stories about the pianos he plays (good ones and bad ones).

Short compositions are performed throughout the session always maintaining a high level of interest. Questions are always answered "on the spot" and laughing is encouraged.

Justin likes to touch base with the school's music teacher prior to the day of the session. The format described above is the same for all grade levels. Length and sophistication is, of course, targeted appropriately to each group of students. Justin Kolb is well known as a team player with on site faculty.

Class Size: Maximum 60 students (exceptions may be planned in advance)

Length of Presentation:
K - 3: approximately 25 - 30 minutes
Grades 4 - 6: approximately 40 - 50 minutes
Grades 7 - 12: may be accommodated when requested

This high quality learning experience has been presented to hundreds of schools in Canada and throughout the United States. Cooperative learning projects between the music and other departments often occur as a result of discussion with Justin prior to the artist's visit. Justin's view is that he is a resource to assist teachers in meeting their instructional goals. He is personable and works well with staff and faculty.


Critical Acclaim

Dear Mr. Kolb,
I like how you played little David play on my Harp. I like how you performed for all of the third graders. We loved how you played Beethoven. I thought I didn't like classical music but you showed me that it was ok. And loved how you played backwards. How do you do that?

Your Friend
4th Grade

Courtesy of the Photography Students of Margaretville Central School, NY

Dear Mr. Kolb,
How are you doing? I guess your fine. My name is Evonne and I am 8 years old. I like how you played Beethoven on the piano. I liked how you played the short parts and then when you played the rough parts in Beethoven. I liked when you rolled your eyes real fast.

Your Friend,
Hammond, Indiana

Dear Justin Kolb,
Thank you so much for coming to play for us. You are a really great pianoest. You really encouraged me to keep up with my violin. I have a very musical family, my mom's a singer, my dad's a drummer, my sister sings really well, and I play violin and percussion. I really, really hope you can come back! I love classical music; my favorite song is furelise, my sister can play it on the piano very good. Well, thanks again.

4th Grade
Roxbury Central School, NY

Dear Mr. Kolb (Justin),
You are a great piano player. We don't know anybody else who can play the keys as fast as you. It was really nice of you to come to Meadowbrook to teach us about piano. we learned stuff that we never learned before. You are very nice. Thanks again for coming. We really appreciated it.

From Room 28
3rd Grade
Princeton, NJ




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