Justin Kolb, pianist

Entrepreneurism and Self Promotion
for the Serious Musician

How Our Business Really Works in Today's World

Program Description
An insider's view of how musicians develop their careers and survive in the industry of "classical music".

Critical knowledge for professionals and those individuals teaching and advising students. This is a dynamic presentation that either asserts or challenges six traditional parameters:

  1. Are hours of practice and "being discovered" a thing of the past?
  2. Yesterday, performances in the "hinterland" initiated a career and a commercially produced recording signaled an established career.
  3. Today a produced CD, DVD or "You Tube" video can initiate a career and performances in the "hinterland" with occasional appearances in the "big leagues" signal an established career.
  4. Today a "climb to the top" is theoretical but a "climb to a comfortable and reasonable income with pension" – though elusive — can be attained.
  5. We live in a world of branding and product development. We must consider ourselves the brand and our teaching and performing our products. Marketing and selling this "package" is entrepreneurism.
  6. As performing and teaching artists we need not create our products anew. They exist within us as a result of our rigorous training and experience. We have only to organize them, announce them, and sell them.

This talk is highly informational, uplifting and empowering!

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